The choir welcomes good singers aged 18+ from many countries around the world, recognising the universal appeal of choral singing.

We rehearse every Wednesday from 7.15pm to 9.30pm in Edgbaston. Our rehearsal hall has free car parking on site and plenty of additional space on-street nearby.

Choir members pay a season’s subscription of currently £208 per year. There is a reduced yearly fee for students of £48. Anyone else of limited means may talk to the Treasurer in confidence regarding payment of subscriptions.

Why not find out for yourself?


The best way to join the choir is to begin rehearsing with us when we start a new programme, which is usually (but not always) at the beginning of a term. For our 2019/20 season, will we start rehearsing our autumn concert programme on Wednesday 4th September, the spring programme on Wednesday 8th January 2020 and summer programme on Wednesday 22nd April.


If you would like to attend a rehearsal, please contact us at so we can make arrangements and be sure that it’s an appropriate rehearsal for you to attend.


If you like what you see and hear, you will be able to attend an audition session a few weeks into term with others who would like to join. Audition dates for each term in 2019/20 are Wednesday 25th September, Wednesday 29th January and Wednesday 14th May, in the early evening before the weekly rehearsal. Our FAQ sheet probably answers most of the questions you might have about singing with the choir, and there is more information about auditions below, but please get in touch if you have other queries. If you wish to visit later in the term, with a view to joining the choir during a subsequent programme, we will also arrange that for you at a suitable point in the programme if possible.


To arrange a visit to a rehearsal, or for other information, please contact info - please mention what voice part you sing (!), and say a little about your choral experience and perhaps why you are interested in joining Birmingham Bach Choir.


This is the feedback we received from one recent first-time visitor:


"I thought you might like to hear my reaction to the rehearsal I attended earlier this week. In a word, brilliant! It was so refreshing to see the whole choir listen and respond to the conductor throughout the rehearsal. I would like to apply for an audition".




Auditions consist of:

• Scales to test range

• A simple aural test - pick a note out of a chord

• Singing a piece of your own choice

• Sight reading


Further details can be downloaded by following the link to Choir Audition Guidance


• FAQs about the Choir and being a member


Download our information sheet


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